Best Baseball Gloves for 9-10 Year Old Players

On this page, we will examine the choices you will make when buying a glove for your 9-10 year old player. At this age, young players are growing rapidly. As they grow, the proper sizing for their baseball equipment changes as well. A glove that fit well last year, may not be the right fit this year. After determining what size glove your player requires, you can review eight of the best baseball gloves for 9-10 year old players listed below.

The two most important considerations when choosing a glove are the players age and what position they are going to be playing. This will become more important as the get older and establish a primary playing position.

In choosing a glove, you’ll want to choose a glove that fits snugly. A glove that is too big will hinder performance and could lead to injury. We do not want to have our players playing with gloves that they will need to “grow in to”. You will also want to make sure that a glove is stiff enough to give strength in catching the ball but also is flexible enough for your player to be able to control the opening and closing of the glove. You will also want to choose a glove that they like. If your young player feels good about the equipment they are using, they will feel good about themselves which helps with their self-esteem and confidence. You can read more detailed information about proper baseball equipment sizing in my article Baseball gear for kids – Making the right choice.

As players settle into one or a couple of regular positions, we want to keep in mind that there are different gloves for different positions.

  • A first basemen glove is longer and wider to help scoop low balls out of the dirt.
  • Infielder gloves and shorter with a shallow pocket to make it easier to get the ball out quickly.
  • Pitchers use a smaller glove with closed webbing to help conceal the ball.
  • Outfielders use a longer glove for extender reach with deeper pocket to catch fly balls.
  • Catchers use a finger-less mitt that is heavily padded to protect their had from the pitch. The shape is designed to not only provide a target for the pitch, but to properly catch the pitched ball. (Catchers mitts can be found under the Catchers Gear tab)

Parts of a baseball glove:

Most players in the 9-10 year old age group will do well with a 10.75 to 11-inch glove, some bigger players may want a larger glove, up to an11.5 inch size. Some smaller players will be more comfortable with a 10.5-inch model. Most links for specific brands and models will give you an option to select a larger or smaller size. The baseball glove sizing guide is at the bottom of the page.

Listed below are the most popular and value oriented gloves for this age group. Each of the gloves listed can be ordered in left-hand throw (glove is worn on the right-hand) or right-hand throw (glove is worn on the left-hand). The link for each glove is for a right-hand throw. If you need a left-hand throw model, you can easily make that selection on the order page. I have included three gloves that are new for 2019 that are technically advanced with pricing that offers great value. Four of the gloves are designed for infielders, four are crafted for all positions.

Most of the links have multiple sizing options so, if you are interested in a particular brand or model, you can select the size that is right for your child after you open the link. I have checked the prices at all major distributors, the prices I have listed are the lowest current prices available. I check all pricing regularly to make sure that the best possible value is listed for you here.

Remember, these gloves are going to be used for a limited time. There is no advantage to buying a more expensive model. The goal is functionality and safety. Your players enjoyment of the game will be greatly enhanced if they have safe, functional and properly sized equipment.

9-10 year old players will likely play in a Little League® minor division, on player pitch team or in a major division team if they have the necessary skills. The Little League® division chart by age is at the bottom of this page. Check with your league if you have any questions about which league or division your child should play in.

Please feel free to email me directly if you have specific questions that are not answered here. You can reach me at

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 Glove Recommendations:

2019 Mizuno Prospect PowerClose 11″ Youth All Position Baseball Glove

This 2019 Mizuno Prospect PowerClose youth baseball glove has an 11-inch opening and an open back for a traditional look. This is an excellent glove for young players learning the fundamentals of baseball, whether they’re positioned in the infield or outfield. Its full-grain pigskin leather offers outstanding durability to last players throughout the season, and the ButterSoft palm liner provides enhanced softness and a comfortable feel on the hand. Pioneered and perfected by the glove experts at Mizuno, this youth baseball glove is equipped with unique PowerClose technology that makes it easy for young players to snag fly balls or grounders and seal them in the pocket for a sure out. Mizuno designed this youth baseball glove with comfort in mind thanks to its MZO lining and AirMesh back, both of which offer breathability and flexibility. The specialized MZO lining in particular helps to divert sweat away from the skin, so young hands stay comfortable and dry on hot, muggy days.

  • 11.00 Inch Glove Size
  • ButterSoft Palm Liner Increases Durability, Feel, & Comfort
  • Full Grain PigSkin Leather Offers Excellent Shape Retention
  • Lace 2 Lacing: Removes The Last 2 Lace Loops For Increased Flexibility
  • ParaShock Palm Pad Reduces Sting In The Hands
  • PowerClose Technology Makes Catching Easier
  • Recommended For Infielders / Outfielders
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Rawlings Mark Of A Pro Lite 11″ Youth All Position Baseball Glove

Mark Of A Pro Lite series offers an unbeatable combination of lightweight materials with the Sure Catch design for an increase in catch ability and control. With all leather shells and palms, these baseball gloves offer high-level performance, flexibility, and supreme shape retention. Since each model is labeled as a youth pro taper fit pattern, the Mark Of A Pro gloves were built with smaller wrist openings and smaller finger stalls that help address a need for smaller hands. On the back, an index finger pad has been applied for that added protection that’s required on defense

  • 11.00 Inch Glove Size
  • All Leather Palm & Shell For Added Durability
  • Pro H-Web
  • Break In: 90% Factory | 10% Player
  • Game Ready Feel With Minimal Break In
  • Micro Injection Velcro Wrist Strap Provides A Custom Fit
  • Recommended For Infielders & Outfielders
  • Sure Catch Design Allows For Easier Closure & More Control
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Mizuno Prospect 11″ Youth Infield Baseball Glove

The Prospect series was created for those passionate younger travel ball players who are in need of a strong, durable baseball glove. Constructed out of a full grain leather shell with a ButterSoft palm liner, these youth baseball gloves deliver great durability with an amazing overall feel. Mizuno’s innovative PowerClose technology offers position specific break points so that a youth player has no issue closing the glove which makes catching easy! Combine that with the FlexBridge Hinge that offers less restriction on the back of the hand for a perfect pocket no matter the player. Inside of each model, the Parashock palm pad provides additional protection on defense while the MZO lining helps keep sweat at bay so that hands don’t slide around or fall out on big impacts. The feature that ties it all together is the HiLo lacing that uses an alternating pattern to retain the integrity of a fully laced web with much better flexibility.

  • 11.00 Inch Pattern
  • ButterSoft Palm Liner Increases Durability, Feel, & Comfort
  • Deep III Web
  • FlexBridge Hinge Allows Glove To Close Easier
  • Full Grain Leather Shell Provides Superior Structure
  • Infielder Glove
  • MZO Lining Wicks Away Sweat For A Cool Feel
  • ParaFlex Palm Increases Flexibility For A Better Pocket
  • PowerClose Technology Makes Catching & Closing The Glove Easy
  • PowerLock Wrist Strap Creates The Simplest & Most Secure Fit Available
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2019 Rawlings R9 Series 11″ Youth Infield Baseball Glove

Featured Size: 11 inch (11.25, 11.5 and 12″ sizes available – Prices Vary)

New for 2019! These all-new R9 Series baseball gloves are the best gloves on the market at this price point. This series features soft, durable all-leather shells with an 80% factory break-in for a game ready feel, so you won’t have to commit a lot of time to break this glove in. Inside this R9 Series baseball glove you will find padded fingerback liners and a youth pro taper fit designed for younger players on the infield.

  • 11-Inch Pattern
  • Break-In: 20% Player, 80% Factory
  • Conventional Back
  • Designed For Younger Players On The Infield
  • New R9 Series
  • Quick, Easy Break-In For A Game-Ready Feel
  • Reinforced Palm Pad
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Wilson A500 11.00″ All Position Baseball Glove

Start a young career off right with this 2019 Wilson A500 baseball glove. This handsome glove, designed with a copper, blonde, and black color scheme, comes engineered for success with top-grain leather. It feels lightweight, and does not sacrifice performance, flexibility, or comfort. Designed for all young position players, it provides a flexible, ready-to-play feel. Its real leather laces holding together its various parts add a degree of authenticity and give it practical strength and durability over the course of its life.

  • 11.00 Inch Pattern
  • H Web
  • Double Palm Construction Provides Maximum Pocket Stability
  • All Positions
  • Inspired By Professional Patterns
  • Number One (1) Selling Youth Glove Under $50.00
  • Real Leather Laces Ensure A Long Lasting Structure
  • Recommended For Younger Players With Smaller Hands
  • Rolled Dual Welting Creates A Perfect Pocket With Long Lasting Shape
  • Smaller Wrist Opening With More Secure Finger Stalls
  • Top Grain Soft Cowhide Leather Offers A Lightweight, Game Ready Feel
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2019 Mizuno Franchise 11″ Infield Baseball Glove

Make that perfect catch to win the game with this 2019 Mizuno Franchise baseball glove. It has a unique pattern that keeps the hand in a resting position to reduce fatigue, and it sets the pocket directly under the web, so the player can shape the glove into the perfect shape. Made from pre-oiled Java leather, this glove stands up well through multiple seasons, yet it’s soft and pliable, so it’s also game ready. It also includes an MZO moisture-wicking lining to keep the player’s hands dry on the hottest days, and the 11-inch opening makes this glove ideal for infield position players.

  • 11.00 Inch Pattern
  • Comfortable Pattern Based On Anatomical Shape Of The Hand
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Infielder Glove
  • Pre Oiled Java Leather
  • Game Ready & Long Lasting With Minimal Break In
  • Tartan Web
  • Hand-Based Pattern Sets Pocket Under Web For Easy Shaping
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Akadema ARA93 Rookie Series Manny Ramirez Youth Baseball Glove 

The creation of this Rookie Series Glove is a combination of quality and comfort at a youth level. The Rookie Series has quickly gained a reputation as a leader in quality and design for serious youth ballplayers. The Rookie Series gloves use a combination of Akadema’s U.S. Steerhide on the palm and web and exclusive AkademaLyte leather on the back that results in both a light and durable ball glove. Akadema hand-crafts the gloves for a quick and easy break-in period. The Rookie Series was created for younger players who are serious about baseball and want to play like their favorite stars. Get your youngster started with a quality glove and watch them succeed. The Rookie Series is perfect for giving your youngster a high-quality glove at a reasonable price, without sacrificing quality and performance.

  • 11.00 Inch Pattern
  • U.S. Steerhide Leather Construction (Palm and Web) with AkademaLyte Leather on Back to Reduce Weight
  • H-Web
  • Lightweight Design
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Quick and Easy Break-In Period
  • Youth Model – Smaller Hand Opening, Tighter Finger Stalls
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Marucci Geaux Mesh 11″ Youth Infield Baseball Glove

The Geaux (“Go”) Mesh series provides both strength and structure for younger players who want a big league approved baseball glove. The palm is constructed out of a soft steer hide leather that gives a game ready feel from day one without the worry of an extended break in period. On the back of each model, Marucci has applied their lightweight mesh which helps improve breathability, increases control, and keeps your hand dry, even during the hottest summer days. Since these are youth gloves, the finger stalls have been scaled down to offer a more snug, secure fit on a younger players hand.

  • 11.00 Inch Glove Size
  • I-Web
  • Recommended For Infielders
  • Adjustable Velcro Wrist Strap Provides A Personalized Fit
  • Colorway: Black / Gray
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Lightweight Mesh Back Helps Improve The Break In Period
  • Marucci Advisory Board Big League Approved Web Designs
  • Scaled Down Finger Stalls For A Smaller Hand
  • Skillfully & Individually Handcrafted For A Custom, Precise Fit
  • Soft Steer Hide Palm Leather Creates A Game Ready Feel
  • Youth Pattern Intended For Younger Players
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Baseball Glove Sizing Guide

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