Best Baseball Gloves for 11-12 Year Old Players

As players grow and gain more experience playing baseball, fielding gloves become more specialized to the position that they play. Here, we will examine the different types of baseball gloves and profile several of the best baseball gloves for 11-12 year old players at each position for you to choose from.

As a player settles into one or several regular positions, we want to keep in mind that there are different gloves for different positions.

  • A first basemen glove is longer and wider to help scoop low balls out of the dirt.
  • Infielder gloves and shorter with a shallow pocket to make it easier to get the ball out quickly.
  • Pitchers use a smaller glove with closed webbing to help conceal the ball.
  • Outfielders use a longer glove for extender reach with deeper pocket to catch fly balls.
  • Catchers use a finger-less mitt that is heavily padded to protect their had from the sting of the pitched ball. The shape is designed to not only provide a target for the pitch, but to properly catch the pitched ball. (Catchers mitts can be found under the Catchers Gear tab)

Parts of a baseball glove:

Most players in the 11-12 year old age group will do well with an 11.25 to 11.5-inch for infield players to 11.75 to12.25-inch glove for outfield players. Some smaller players will be more comfortable with an 11-inch infield model or an 11.5-inch outfield model. Most links for specific brands and models will give you an option to select a larger or smaller size. The baseball glove sizing guide is at the bottom of the page.

Breaking a glove in:

The best way to break in a new glove is by using a glove mallet. One of the most functional and economic models is the Rawlings Glove Mallet  Using a mallet for a few minutes each day to simulate repeatedly catching a ball which will soften the leather and help form the pocket. 

Glove conditioner and an oversized ball and strap used repeatedly when the glove is not in use will form the pocket and soften the leather. Taking these steps will assure that your new glove is properly broken in. There are many products available. One of the best all-inclusive kits with all of the items necessary are included in the Rawlings Glove Break-in Kit 

Maintaing the glove:

To keep your glove clean and  prevent the leather from drying out, a glove conditioner should be used 4 times a season. Glove conditioners do not soften the leather. Catching a baseball (or using a mallet) softens the leather. A conditioner is used to maintain the glove for years of use. There are many glove conditioners on the market. One of the best I have found is         Rawlings Gold Glove Butter  which was designed for higher-end gloves but works well on any glove – old or new.

Making sure the glove is properly broken in prior to use will enhance the functionality and give the player greater confidence.

Listed below are the most popular and value oriented gloves for this age group. Each of the gloves listed can be ordered in left-hand throw (glove is worn on the right-hand) or right-hand throw (glove is worn on the left-hand). The link for each glove is for a right-hand throw. If you need a left-hand throw model, you can easily make that selection on the order page. I have listed the position that each glove is appropriate for in the 11-12 age group.

Most of the links have multiple sizing options so, if you are interested in a particular brand or model, you can select the size that is right for your player after you open the link. I have checked the prices at all major distributors, the prices I have listed are the lowest current prices available. I check all pricing regularly to make sure that the best possible value is listed for you here.

At this age, these gloves will last your players for several years. I have listed gloves in each category in multiple price ranges. Your players enjoyment of the game will be greatly enhanced if they have safe, functional and properly sized equipment.

11-12 year old players will likely play in a Little League® major division, or in an Intermediate division. The Little League® division chart by age can be accessed here. Many players at this age also participate in travel or middle school baseball leagues. Check with your league or school if you have any questions about which league or division your child should play in.

Please feel free to email me directly if you have specific questions that are not answered here. You can reach me at

Please visit my other baseball equipment pages for 11-12 year old players by clicking the following links:


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Rawlings Heart of the Hide R2G Series 12″ Pro Stock Baseball First Base Mitt

Position: First Base

Prepped with the highest quality leathers that boasts a game-ready feel, the Rawlings® Heart of the Hide® R2G Series Gloves are for the stand-out athlete that makes career-defining plays in regular fashion. Outfitted with a modified Pro H™ Web, this 12’’ model gives elite first basemen the details and pocket depth needed to make quick grabs and transitions to their throwing hand with consistency.

  • Heart of the Hide® Leather: Constructed from the top 5% of available cowhides, and features full-grain fingerback lining
  • Minimal Break-In: 25% additional factory break-in minimizes break-in time on the field for instant performance
  • Redesigned Heel Pad: Strategic adjustments help maintain an easier close
  • Narrow Fitting Profile: Offers a more contoured fit that accommodates skinnier hands
  • Pro Style Patterns: Modeled after player-preferred models for elite feel and performance
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Wilson A900 12″ First Base Glove

Position: First Base

Play stellar defense when you field your position wearing the classic, old-school look of the Wilson A900 12″ First Base Glove. With its dark brown leather, it’s broken in and ready to go. It also features a low profile front heel which opens up the palm and pocket, making it more forgiving on bad hops and easier to control balls thrown in the dirt. . Ground balls and hard shots down the line don’t stand a chance when defend first base wearing this dependable baseball glove.

  • Single Post Web
  • 12″
  • First Base Model
  • Brown with White
  • Double Palm Construction (front side)
  • Full leather construction
  • Low Profile Heel (front side)
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Rawlings R9 Youth Pro Taper 12 Inch First Base Glove

Position: First Base

The all new R9 Series baseball gloves are the best gloves on the market at this price point. This series features soft, durable all-leather shells designed to be game-ready. With pro style patterns and a reinforced palm pad for impact reduction, this series is perfect for the youth baseball player.

  • All-leather shell is soft, durable and game-ready
  • Reinforced palm pad softens ball impact
  • Padded thumb loop and fingerback lining
  • Break-In Rating: 80% factory, 20% player
  • Size: 12″
  • Position: First Base
  • Web Pattern: Modified Pro H web
  • Back: Open
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Marucci B450 Series Mesh 12.5 Inch First Base Mitt

Position: First Base

Handcrafted to meet pro-level standards while accelerating its break-in time, the Marucci® BR450 Series Glove provide players with a premium, steerhide exterior and a softened interior to keep them in peak form all season long. Backed with a Double H-Web and a two-piece pattern, this 12.5’’ model is primed for first basemen that need versatile performance when executing scoops and snagging line drives out of the air with ease.

Premium Pro-Grade Standards:

  • Meticulous Construction: Each glove is individually handcrafted to ensure top quality
  • Genuine Steerhide Shell: Premium leather exterior delivers a hard-wearing design for long-lasting play
  • Softer internal padding minimizes impact when catching while enhancing overall comfort
  • Fingerback linings utilize a softer fabric to reduce discomfort throughout each game
  • Two-piece pattern design has been optimized for first base play
  • Professional USA tanned lace
  • Web designs have been approved by Marucci®’s Player Advisory Board to ensure Pro-Level Standards
    • Brand : Marucci
  • Style : MFGBR125FB-GM
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Position: Infield/Pitcher

Designed with an enhanced fit and a full-grain leather shell, the Rawlings® Premium Series Gloves offer a good blend of comfort, control and durability. This 11.5’’ glove has a Basket™ web that is good for players on the infield or pitchers who want to conceal the ball before they deliver.

Proven Performance:

  • Enhanced fit tailored specifically for younger players
  • Full-grain leather shell offers optimized durability
  • Palm Pad diminishes the sting of catches on the heel
  • Lace-less heel and palm helps reduce break-in time
    • Brand : Rawlings
  • Style : DICD115BBPT
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Mizuno MVP Prime 11.5 Inch Baseball Glove

Position: Infield

For middle infielders who demand a smaller, lightweight glove and a shallow pocket for easier transfers, the 11.5” MVP Prime Series Glove offers the softness and durability elite players crave from their leather. Center Pocket Designed Patterns: Naturally centers the pocket under the index finger for the most versatile break in possible

Bio Soft Leather: Professional style leather that has the perfect balance of oil and softness for exceptional feel and firm control Professional Level Lace: Same durable lace that’s offered in our professional level gloves

PlusGrip Thumb: Ultra comfortable padded thumb slot.

  • Center Pocket Designed Patterns: Pattern design that naturally centers the pocket under the index finger for the most versatile break in possible.
  • Bio Soft Leather: Professional style smooth leather that has the perfect balance of oil and softness for exceptional feel and firm control that serious players demand.
  • PlusGrip Thumb: Ultra comfortable padded thumb slot.
  • Professional Level Lace: Same durable lace that’s offered in our professional level gloves.
  • Outlined, embroidered logo.
  • New wrist design.
  • Size: 11.5
  • Tartan Shock web.
  • Position: Infield.
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Rawlings R9 Youth Premium Pro Taper 11.5″ Baseball Glove

Featured Sive: 11.5″ (11.0 and 11.25″ sizes also available)

Position: Infield/Pitcher

Constructed with a Pro Taper™ fit, with smaller finger stalls and hand opening for the youth athlete, the 2018 Rawlings® 11.5’’ Youth Premium Series Pro Taper Glove has a closed web for infielders or pitchers looking to hide the ball before their delivery.

Tailored Fit, Premium Performance:

Pro Taper™ Fit: Smaller finger stalls and hand opening designed specifically for youth athletes
Full-grain leather offers durable performance and game-ready responsiveness
Laceless heel and palm reduce break in time


  • Size: 11.5”
  • Gender: Youth
  • Sport: Baseball
  • Position(s): Infield / Pitcher
  • Web: Basket™
  • Color: Black / Brown
  • Series: Premium
  • Year: 2018
    • Brand : Rawlings
  • Style : DICD115PTB
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Wilson 11.5” Youth A950 Series Glove

Position: Infield/Pitcher

Old-school construction with a game-ready feel, the Wilson® 11.5’’ A950 Series Glove features a full grain leather build with maximum pocket stability that conforms to the hand. This glove is great for infielders who want a traditional, broken-in feel.

  • Full grain cowhide leather construction expertly broken in and ready for action
  • Low profile heel offers added flexibility and opens up the palm and pocket
  • Player Pocket Designs: Pockets tailored specifically to the player’s needs and how they prefer to break-in their glove
  • Double Palm Construction: Thin, strategically cut piece of leather between the palm liner and outer shell for stability.
  • Position(s): Infield / Pitcher
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Position: Infield/Pitcher

The Diamond Series Baseball Gloves are made with High-Quality Leather and were designed to be the most comfortable glove you’ve had.

  • Available in Black with Tan lacing and Black with Blue lacing
  • Available for both Right Hand Throw and Left Hand Throw
  • High Quality Leather
Check Lowest Price Here   


Franklin 11.5” Pro Flex Hybrid Series Glove

Position: Infield/Pitcher

  • The Pro Flex hybrid series fielding gloves combine a premium cowhide palm, with a PU laminated PVC hybrid back. All materials are specially treated to go from the store shelf to the playing field with no break-in required. An adjustable wrist strap is also added to increase glove versatility and allows for customized fitting to any size hand.

• Durable PU/PVC hybrid design shell

• Premium cowhide leather palm construction

• Adjustable wrist closure for a custom fit

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Rawlings 11.5” Gamer Exclusive Edition Glove (G3142BSC) 

Position: Infield/Pitcher

The top selling Gamer™ Series models are taking on a new updated pro style look and feel with contrast lacing and a robust shell leather providing shape retention and a performance level unmatched in a popular price point series. Featuring select pro patterns and heavy duty Tennessee Tanning rawhide leather laces, these models are designed to be taken straight from the shelf to the field. Gamer™ gloves are 80% broken-in by Rawlings’ team of expert glove craftsmen and require minimal player effort to ensure they’re game-ready.

  • Crafted with full grain leather shell
  • All leather palm and finger back linings for soft feel
  • Leather reinforced palm pad for added impact protection
  • Padded thumb loop for soft, comfortable fit and feel
  • Tennessee Tanning rawhide leather laces add durability and strength
  • Narrow fit design with tighter wrist slot for snug fit
  • Break-In Rating: 80% factory, 20% player
  • Size: 11.5″
  • Position: Infield
  • Web Pattern: Pro-I
  • Back: Open
Check Lowest Price Here:


Position: Infield

Designed to maximize overall longevity and deliver a game-ready feel with minimal break-in, the 2020 Marucci® Youth Vermilion Series Gloves are primed for the up-and-coming fielder that’s starting to take their game to the next level. This 11.5’’ model is perfect for the everyday infielder, as its medium pocket depth and Single Post Web work together to provide an accessible feel and make transfers from glove to throwing hand quick and precise.

Designed for the Progressing Player:

  • Shape: Tapered
  • Depth: Medium
  • Oiled cowhide leather shell and padded leather palm lining
  • Reinforced finger tops protect against fielding abrasion and increase structural longevity
  • Narrow-fit hand opening and scaled-down pro patterns for unique fit
  • Professional-grade USA rawhide laces from Tennessee Tanning Co.
  • Designed for lightweight feel and increased fielding control
  • Available in right-hand throw only
  • Recommended for second base, third base and shortstop
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Wilson A500 12 Inch Baseball Glove

Position: Outfield

Your young fielder will make game-saving plays while they learn to defend their position with the Wilson A500 Youth 12″ Baseball Glove. It is lightweight despite an all-leather construction and will give young players a boost of confidence while snagging grounders balls and catching fly balls with a secure fit and feel.

  • Made with lightweight, top grain leather
  • Rolled dual welting helps maintain glove shape
  • Double palm construction provides stable pocket
  • Leather laces for maximum durability
  • Size: 12″
  • Position: Infield, Outfield, Pitcher
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Marucci Youth Acadia Series 12.5″ Outfield Baseball Glove

Position: Outfield (for 11-12 age group)

Combining game-ready feel with Big League-tested web designs, the RS225 Series fielding gloves give youth players the confidence they need to excel in the field.

  • Shape: Tapered
  • Depth: Deep
  • Full leather shell provides strength while padded palm lining reduces weight
  • Reinforced finger tops protect against fielding abrasion and increase structural longevity
  • Narrow-fit hand opening and scaled-down pro patterns for an ideal fit
  • Pro-grade rawhide laces add strength
  • Designed for lightweight feel and increased fielding control
  • Available in right-hand throw and left-hand throw
  • Recommended for left field, centerfield and right field
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Rawlings Heart Of The Hide PRO206-6JTB 12.5 Inch Baseball Glove

Position: Outfield

Designed with patented, position-specific break points in the inner palm lining for customized defense

Horween “Featherlite” leather undergoes a special tanning process for a softer feel and easy break-in

Tennessee Tanning rawhide leather laces add durability and strength. Same game-day pattern as some of baseball’s top pros. Padded thumb loops for added comfort. Conventional open back.

  • Position(s): Outfield
  • Web: Pro-H™
  • Color: Black
  • Series: Heart of the Hide™ Dual Core
  • Break-In: 60% Factory / 40% Play
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Wilson A2000 PF92 12.25 Inch Baseball Glove

Position: Outfield

The all new Wilson A2000 PF92 12.25 Inch Baseball Glove has an unmatched feel, durability and a perfect break in making it a favorite among baseball players everywhere. Featuring a Pro-Stock leather made from American Steerhide, the Wilson A2000 comes equipped with rugged durability and is ready to withstand whatever is thrown its way!

  • T-Web
  • Pro Stock Select leather – Made Specifically for Wilson ball gloves
  • Pro Stock patterns – Exclusive designed patterns continuously improved
  • Dual Welting – Provides a durable pocket and long-lasting break in
  • Dri-Lex – Ultra breathable wrist lining keeps hands cool and dry
  • Pedroia Fit – Internal changes make the A2000 patterns function perfect on smaller hands
  • Position(s): Outfield
  • Web: Pro Laced T-Web
  • Pattern: PF92
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Mizuno Franchise 12″ Baseball Glove

Position: Outfield (for 11-12 age group)

Mizuno Franchise Gloves are constructed using comfortable, hand-based patterns, which set your pocket under the web, allowing you to shape your glove like a pro. Pre-oiled java leather maintains durability and provides a soft, game-ready feel.

If you are an intermediate-level baseball player looking an inexpensive yet high quality baseball glove, the Mizuno Franchise Series GFN1200B2 12-inch Baseball Glove is the perfect glove for you!

  • Constructed of pre-oiled tumbled Java Leather
  • Alternating lace patterns provides greater flexibility
  • Parashock Plus Palm Pad reduces sting and deadens the ball at impact
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