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    “The Wearing of the Green”

    The Wearing of the Green” tradition in which MLB teams don the color on Saint Patrick’s Day began on this date in 1978 when the Cincinnati Reds took the field against the New York Yankees wearing green uniforms. The players didn’t know about the switch until the new uniforms arrived at their lockers an hour before game time. Happy St. Patricks day! It’s almost time for Spring baseball to start (Finally! It’s been such a long winter here in Michigan).  “Liathróid a imirt!” That means “Play Ball!” in the Irish or Gaelic language. Have you purchased all of the equipment you need for the Spring Season? 

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    Interesting information for Choosing the Correct Bat

    Did you know: In 1900,”Honus” Wagner, one of the early and yet great players of all time, became the very first player to be paid to have his autograph burned into the Louisville Slugger bat. Getting your player the proper bat is critical to their ability to adequately hit the ball. There are so many lengths and weights, so how in the world do you know which bats to get? There are some important terms to know when you are looking at bats. Length is measured in inches, weight in ounces. Drop is the difference in weight to length. For example, if you have a 29-inch bat that weighs 21…

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    Baseball Rules Keep Changing – Look at What is New This Year!

    It’s fun to look back and see how the rules of baseball and equipment that is used has changed throughout the years. Not only has baseball equipment changed dramatically, but we’ve also seen rules drastically change as well. In the late 1870s, it took nine balls outside the strike zone to earn a walk. In 1880, the figure was lowered to eight balls; it slid down to six in 1884; five in 1887; and the current four-ball rule came into play in 1889. In 1887, baseball experimented with a “four strikes and you’re out” rule. This rule lasted only one season. The newest rule this year is the creation of…

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    The Thrill of the Game!

    Every young baseball player dreams of being a major league superstar.  Watching these real-life baseball stories unfold is what makes the game so exciting. Right now, there is a rare MLB accomplishment on the brink of reality.  My hometown team, the Detroit Tigers’ first baseman/designated hitter, Miguel Cabrera is one hit away from joining a rare group of superstars.  Today, with 2999 career hits, “Miggy is one hit away from being only the 7th MLB player in history to reach 3000 hits and have hit over 500 home runs. Miggy will be the first Detroit Tiger player to reach 3000 career hits since Al Kaline reached the milestone on July…

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    What is the flap over the use of the C-Flap® (Jaw Guard) in youth baseball?

    What is a C-Flap? A C-Flap is a batting helmet extension on the side of the helmet that faces the pitchers mound and is designed to protect a hitter’s cheek and jaw while batting. The C-Flap is named after the inventor, Dr. Robert Crow, a reconstructive surgeon who invented the device in the 1970s when he was the team doctor of MLB’s Atlanta Braves. Originally designed to protect players recovering from facial injuries, the device adds to the protection given by the batting helmet to include the jaw and cheek area of the head. The C-Flap is designed not to interfere with a batters line of sight (vision) and to…

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    Baseball Batting Gloves – To Wear Them or Not?

    As our kids get ready to start their first (or next) season of baseball, there are several pieces of equipment we’ll need to buy (for safety or comfort) and other items that our children will want us to buy. Baseball batting gloves are in the want category. There are many questions and opinions concerning the purchase of batting gloves… Are baseball batting gloves necessary? What is the purpose of batting gloves? Do I really need to buy my child batting gloves? All great Questions. Let’s take a look…   What is a Batting Glove and What Does it do? A batting glove is a snug fitting glove with a leather…

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    Why Your Child Should Play Baseball

    The advantages of playing organized baseball for young players are substantial. Beyond the commitment to invest in equipment so your child can “join” a team, what will your young player get from the experience beyond learning to play baseball? Many of the things your child will be exposed to will help him/her jump-start skills that will last a lifetime whether in personal or professional applications. Let’s take a look at why your child should play baseball and the life lessons they will learn: Keeping active The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in a 2018 report, states that 1 in 5 (20%) of all children in the United States are…

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    Baseball gear for kids – Making the right choice

    Finding and purchasing the right baseball gear for kids can seem a bit overwhelming especially for players just starting out. There are many styles and sizes and knowing which one to buy for your young player can be hit or miss. This post is a quick guideline to save you time and prevent you from wasting money on inadequate or improper equipment. When our kids are starting out, it’s important to make sure they have the basics, so they can play the game properly and to be safe. It is not necessary to buy top of the line equipment at an early age until you can gauge your child’s continued…

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    About Harley

    Hi everyone. Welcome to my Baseball Equipment for all Ages website. As a grandfather of a now16-year-old, in his 8th year of organized baseball, I have been faced with the task of finding the right-sized, age appropriate gear for our budding baseball superstar! I found this to be a daunting task as there are so many styles, brands, models and more. I have invested hour upon hour of research time and purchased equipment that was either totally inadequate or just not appropriate before finally getting it right. Over the past several years, I have learned a lot and I want to help others from having to learn the hard way,…